When this family contacted me about family photography in Oxshott Woods, I knew it was going to be a great family photo shoot.

They had a very definite plan – a tree – that we MUST capture! I was delighted when we approached the tree and they all literally scampered up it!

The kids were really used to having their photographs taken, so it was important for me to relax their posed smiles and capture natural, happy expressions.

Outdoor family photography really lends itself to this because we can walk, run, climb, play and laugh – the kids (and the adults!) produce beautiful, natural smiles without even realising what I’ve drawn out of them!

If I asked you to guess what time of year this family photograph in Oxshott Woods took place, what would you guess? I’d bet money that summer would be your hunch. Well, you wouldn’t be correct.. this shoot in fact took place in October! The early evening light was gorgeous, the temperature warm and welcoming. It felt like utter madness that I headed home from the shoot to watch Strictly Come Dancing – something we all associate with cosy autumn nights!

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