Madeleine Dawson Artist

When Madeleine Dawson invited me to her Esher studio, I knew I’d be in for a treat! Madeleine produces beautiful pieces of landscape and mountain art, and wanted me to photograph her paintings so that she could reproduce them as fine art prints. Whilst I was there, we decided to capture some headshots and personal branding photographs for her to promote her business, as well as the fine art prints photography.

Fine art prints photography is a bit of, if you’ll excuse the repetition, ‘fine art’! In order to accurately photograph Madeleine’s paintings, I needed to ensure we had even, balanced lighting, correct white balance, and that my camera was exactly straight on to the painting. We had a good system, working together for me to capture the paintings with the utmost accuracy, and Maddie feeding me painting after painting!

Madeleine enjoyed the relaxed nature of our shoots and was pleased with how much we achieved in two hours. She said, “It’s so great to have some really nice photos of me!”.

You can check our Madeleine Dawson Art by clicking here, and learn more about my personal branding photography here.

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