This page is designed to give you some more information about how I run my photography sessions so that you can be well prepared and relaxed on the day itself. Please note if our session involves a newborn baby I will contact you separately with additional information.

How will the session run?

Our photography session will run for between 1 and 2 hours. When we meet I’ll introduce myself and give you some information about the plan for the session, as well as confirm what you are looking for from your finished images. Then, we’ll get started! We typically shoot in a few different spots within our chosen location, and I’ll take a mixture of posed and un-posed photographs. For sessions involving babies or younger children, we’ll take breaks where necessary. To make the most of our session, please make sure your children are well fed and rested before we start. I aim to plan our sessions around both available light, and children’s nap times. It is not necessary to coach or bribe your children to smile or look at the camera – I’m looking for natural expressions and will interact directly with your children to get the best from them. I might ask for your assistance in capturing the attention of younger children, but I may also ask you to step away and let me focus on engaging directly with little ones (or older ones!). Please don’t be offended if I do this and just use it as an opportunity to relax!

Outside photography sessions will proceed unless the weather forecast is for prolonged rain or high winds. Light showers can usually be dodged. Whilst we agree a time for our photography session, I ask that you please keep the rest of the day clear of fixed commitments where possible, in case the weather forecast requires us to move the timing of our photography session earlier or later.

What should we wear?

Clothing choices are a very important (and fun!) part of preparing for your photography session. There are a few simple rules that you can follow to help maximise the impact of your finished images, and if you get stuck, feel free to chat to me, or look on my blog for inspiration. Four simple rules:

1. Choose three complementary colours

The aim is for your family to look coordinated, but not matching. By sticking to three complementary colours, each family member will look different, but you will avoid looking too ‘busy’ (clashing colours, too many colours), or looking like one colour block (too much of the same colour). All black or all white clothing is best avoided, and some ideas for different seasons / locations are: The Beach – Pastels look gorgeous in this dreamy setting: team your choice of blues, pinks or pale greens with beige or grey and a dash of white. If you want a pattern in there, stripes are perfect for the beach. The Park in Spring/Summer – chose bold, bright colours (except for green, because you don’t want to blend into the background!) and keep it casual for this informal setting. Patterns and textures look great. The Park in Autumn/Winter – rich colours, yellows and oranges will reflect the natural environment of the season. Team with jeans and beige accessories to achieve a muted, earth-toned look. If it’s cold outside, then accessorising with colour coordinated hats/scarves/gloves is great for some added detail! Your home – is there a dominant colour in your home that you’d like your wall portraits to reflect? If so, consider how your clothing choices could mirror this colour.

2. Find one key piece and work around it

Do you have a favourite t-shirt for your son? Or a beautiful floral dress that your daughter loves? Selecting one key piece can be a great start to putting together outfits for the whole family. For example, if your daughter’s dress is white with blue and green flowers, chose khaki pants a white shirt for your dad, and blue jeans, with t-shirt and pale green cardigan for mum.

3. Embrace patterns but avoid logos and text

Stripes? Checks? Flowers? Polka Dots? I love them all! But steer clear of large logos and dominant text which could detract attention from the subject in the final images.

4. Pick clothing that you love and feel great in!

The same goes for your little ones – dressing a 4 month old up like a 4 year old probably isn’t going to be comfortable and the chances are this is going to convey in the finished images. If anyone is scratchy or constrained it is likely to show! Keep everyone comfy for a happy session.

What should I bring for my baby or toddler?

If your little one is still very little, I recommend that you bring a bag of supplies to our photography session. In your magic bag of goodies it’s a great idea to pack:

  • Wet wipes and muslin
  • A spare set of clothes for baby and for you (accidents happen!)
  • Nappy changing gear
  • A few favourite toys
  • Milk/water / clean snacks (What is a clean snack I hear you ask?! Crackers, biscuits, raisins etc – rather than fresh fruit, juice which is more likely to mark clothing when spilled)

Do you have a studio?

All of my photography sessions are conducted on location at your home or in a public space such as a park or the beach. I also have use of beautiful private woodland in Hersham, Surrey. By shooting on location I can ensure that your images are truly unique and customised to your family.

When will we see our images?

A full gallery will be usually available for your private viewing within 2 weeks.

Some of your portfolio images are shot at the beach – but you are located in Surrey.. do you offer beach sessions?

I’m based in Surrey and conduct most of my photography sessions in the local area. I have limited availability for beach / park / home photography sessions in Poole, Dorset each year. Please contact me using the link in the menu above if you are interested in a Poole session this year.   If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me for more information.