Have you been captivated by BBC’s The Traitors? I have been fully invested in both series and so when someone recommend the Traitors board game to me, I decided to turn it into a full Traitors Dinner Party!

After googling for some ideas on hosting such an event, I was surprised to find virtually nothing out there. So, I’m putting our Traitors Party out there now to inspire others!

The Traitors Game

The Traitors Board Game is a board game for 4-6 players, based on the TV series that, if you are still reading, you probably have watched and got hooked on. The premise is the same as the TV show – the faithfuls hunt down the traitor through a series of missions, round table discussions, banishments and murders.

No one gets eliminated in this version of the game, so it’s great for participation. The missions are mixture of mental, physical and online challenges.

The game comes with six ‘adventures’, meaning you can play it six times through only. We’ve now played it three times, and it’s been fun with 4 players but is definitely better with 6 because it’s harder to find the traitor!

The game comes with everything you need to play, but I added some extra fun for our Traitors Party by making our own slates to write on. Instead of real slates (expensive and heavy) I used A4 foam board, cut in half. White chalk wrote perfectly on the board and wiped off with a damp cloth in between banishment rounds! It was much more fun having a ‘slate’ to vote with rather than the tiny voting slips included in the board game pack. Our players mimicked the tv series, spelling players names wrong and copying classic Round Table phrases that had us all in stitches. If you know, you know…!

The Traitors Tablescape

To turn the board game into a full evening of themed Traitors Party fun, we started with dinner. I had decorated our dining space in Scottish Castle chic, and made a tablescape fit for Claudia Winkleman to rock up! (If only).

Traitors Party

I spent less than £30 on the full set up, which included:
– Black tablecloth – this was a piece of fabric I had at home
White table runner – I folded a cheap paper table cloth into a narrower shape, added black sequins from my craft stash and cut a Traitors logo from some black card to stick on. I drew this freehand but you could also print out the logo from the internet and trace it.
Tartan ribbon – I used this to edge the white table runner and to tie bows around the cutlery. This added a Scottish feel!
Red napkins – These complemented our existing white plates and silver table mats and again additional Scottish vibes!
Candle sticks and taper candles – these gave some height to my Traitors Tablescape, and added atmosphere!
– Foliage – this was free from my garden and I thought added some colour and texture.
– I made coasters by printing out the star/moon image that features on the centre of the Round Table, and laminating them.
– I made place cards for each person too, using the traitors logo and a cursive font.

The Traitors Decorations

I re-watched the opening segment of the first Traitors show on BBC iPlayer to get some ideas for Traitors themed decorations. These were a BIG hit with our guests and included:

  • A framed photo of each game player immitating the gallery wall in the Traitors’ Castle breakfast room. I used photoshop to add an oil painting effects to a photo of each of our guests, and then uploaded to Canva to add a gold frame. You are welcome to use my Canva template. You could go one step further and put a red cross through the players who get murdered during the game too!
  • Lots of logos! I made lots of Traitors logos in black paper and stuck them on walls, doors, and also on glass panel adjacent to our front door for an atmospheric welcome for our guests.
  • Scrolls featuring classic Traitors sayings – I had various messages dotted around the house, printed on scrolls and sealed with Traitor-style seals. You can use my Canva template here.  I wrote ‘You are cordially invited to join the Traitors Castle, Claudia’, ‘Beware the poisoned chalice’, ‘Watch out for the kiss of death’, but I bet you can think of more!
  • Shields – I printed lots of little shields (Canva template here) and used them to decorate the dining table. I also ‘hid’ one in a lidded box, with a little light inside so that it looked like the shield boxes in the Armoury in series 1. I left it on a side table with a note (Canva template here) to see who dared to open it!
  • Guests who visited the toilet found a framed print of Claudia Winkleman in full Traitors mode on the back of the door!! I used the same frame template as the game player templates above.
  • We don’t have a fire at home, but I put a fire scene on the TV from YouTube and dimmed the light to create atmosphere and dramatic effect. I also set up a speaker in the hallway which played the Traitors Theme tune as our guests arrived.
  • I spent quite some time searching my kids cuddly toy stash for owls (I know we have a couple of Hedwigs in there somewhere!) but I couldn’t find them. This would make a fun addition though, as would swords, torches, a grandfather clock, or a stag head or two.. you know, if you happen to have any of those things lying around?

Traitors Costumes & The Little Extras

Two of our guests scared the living daylights out of me by arriving in full length Traitors Cloaks! It was absolutely brilliant (and quite terrifying) to open the door to two fully cloaked, hooded and therefore faceless Traitors! We watched back the video doorbell reaction a number of times!

We also had the very entertaining twist that one of our guests is friends with Paul Gorton, extraordinary traitor from Series 2. He recorded us a video message to accompany our evening which was loved by all – cheers Paul!

If you’d like to hold you own Traitors Party, please feel free to use my ideas and my Canva templates.. and please comment below or send me some photos of how you get on!

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