This Autumn family photoshoot in Cobham was one of my absolute favourites. The light, the colour of the leaves and the adorable little subject all combined to make it simply perfect.

The Autumn leaves are at their brightest in October and November, making it the best time to head out and snap away. I’m really looking forward to starting my next season of Autumn family photoshoots in Cobham again this year.

For some people, September means a new pencil case, school shoe fittings, a fresh page on the calendar or pulling out a Winter woolly.  For me, it’s a chance to re-immerse myself in the stunning Autumn hues of russet, amber, auburn and even scarlet. The air is often crisp, but the sun still so warm. Capturing the delicate Autumn light as it falls onto my subjects fills me with great happiness. I often sit at my computer screen after a photoshoot and gasp in delight when I see some of the magical moments that I’ve captured.

After a long summer of photoshoots in the lavender fields, changing up locations and colour schemes for the Autumn season is so welcomed.

I cannot wait to meet your family soon for an Autumn family photoshoot in Cobham, or the surrounding Surrey areas. Please feel free to get in touch with me today for a chat, and to find out more.