Do I offer family photography with dogs? Yes I do! You are more than welcome to bring your dog to our family shoot, as long as our location permits it.

One really popular location to bring your canine friends is Mayfield Lavender Farm where I hold Lavender Mini Sessions each year. I can also photograph you and your dog in your home if we are doing an in-home photoshoot.

What about cats I hear you say?! Well I’m a huge cat lover and whilst I don’t think your cat would enjoy coming on location with us, I will very happily photograph your feline friends in your home.

Please see below for a few examples of my family photography with dogs:

Contrary to popular opinion, I am very happy to work with both children and pets, so please book in for family photography with dogs or cats (or bunnies or parrots or hamsters or gerbils…) today!

Book in your family, or ask me a question...