When the weather just isn’t on our side, family photos at home can work just as well as the great outdoors. Whilst I do a lot of outdoor photography when the weather permits, family photos at home can add an extra layer of personalisation to your images.

I met this family on a very wet Saturday morning at their home in Esher, Surrey. I spent a couple of hours capturing some stunning family photos at home. I photographed the children at play and the family having great fun together with each other.

We used the family’s living space and the childrens’ bedrooms for the main settings for the photographs. A lovely big window on the staircase and a beautiful deep blue bedroom wall also made for ideal backdrops. The children were all relaxed and happy because they were in familiar surroundings, on their own turf.

Mum was also a very talented pianist. This allowed me to take some great family action shots around the grand piano. The children loved her playing and singing to them, particularly when she played the theme tune to Fireman Sam!

I also enjoyed catching the childrens’ antics in their bedrooms. They played hide and seek in their beds and jumped up and down with such happy faces! They all loved to show me their favourite toys and books.

My photographs can tell your family story, in your own home. Photography sessions of this nature lend themselves really well to a family album, or a picture wall in your home.

If you would like to discuss ideas for some family photos at home, please contact me here. I can create natural, emotive and beautiful photographs in homes of all shapes and sizes. I’ve captured many many families at home and love finding the spaces that will create the most beautiful photographs for you.