Like many celebrations this year, Halloween is going to look very different. But that doesn’t mean it has to be any less fun for the kids! Even though we won’t be trick or treating, there are plenty of safe and socially distant things we can do together that are just as memorable. With both of my children on holiday in the run up to Halloween, I have some themed activities to get us all in a spooky mood, and keep us busy this half term. Here are five that you might like to try too:

Create A Haunted Window

I learnt a lot in lockdown including how wonderful our local community is, and once again they are saving the day! Our local mum’s Facebook group has come up with the brilliant idea of doing a pumpkin trail, much like the rainbows from earlier this year. Decorate your window with Halloween drawings, decorations or pumpkins and then let your kids dress up and hunt around the local area for them on Halloween. For each decorated window you spot, parents or carers can hand out a suitable treat. A brilliant replacement for trick or treating on Halloween but also a great thing to do at any time during half term if you need to get out of the house. Our effort is very ‘homemade’ but it cost nothing and occupied the kids for hours!

Spooktacular Dress Up Drive By

If your children love dressing up then I bet that was the second most exciting part of Halloween last year (after the sweets of course). This year we’ve arranged a dress up drive by with some of our closest friends to show this year’s creations! This involves us getting dressed up and into the car to wave at our friends from a safe distance. They are both very excited about the idea of this, especially as it means they will get to see their friends’ costumes too.

Creepy Crafts

Craft is always a winner in our house so I have a few ideas up my witch’s sleeve this year. Painting is always a big hit and my kids loved this pumpkin apple stamping idea. They made so many that I have strung them up as Halloween bunting outside our house. We also love making and finding Hersham Rocks so if you live locally, expect to see some of our creepy creations on your travels.

Another simple idea for Halloween craft are these brilliant toilet roll creations that will be fun to do on a rainy morning as well as these Halloween stress balls.

Family or Friends Halloween Zoom Party

One of the hardest parts of Halloween for many of us this year is not being able to celebrate in person with family and friends. This year we are taking our family get together virtual with our first Halloween Zoom Party. Dressing up is of course compulsory for all attendees with a prize for the best costume. After that there will be a short quiz courtesy of the NSPCC and a haunted scavenger hunt.

Garden Light Party

Halloween light party

For those who don’t celebrate Halloween or who have children who might get a bit overwhelmed by all the spookiness, a garden light party is a fun alternative. Grab some light sticks and sparklers and get outside. If you have a barbeque this could be a perfect time to make some smores alongside a nice warming cup of hot chocolate!

I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween and if you have any ideas you would like to share please leave a comment below.

My name is Katie Lister and I’m a Surrey family photographer (part-time witch) living in Hersham. When I am not taking Autumn family photographs you will find me creating another kind of magic at my cauldron. Get in touch to book your photoshoot or to discuss spells.