It feels like a lifetime ago since I wrote my plans for 2020, thinking I would focus on growing my Surrey family photography business and focus on the things I love. Little did I know then what was heading our way. The coronavirus pandemic has been a massive shock to us all and those early days of the lockdown will never be forgotten. My family has been incredibly lucky that we have been able to stay safe and healthy when we know many families cannot say the same.

As lockdown measures ease in part (at least for now), I find myself reflecting on the journey we have been through. While the road ahead is still unknown, the past few months have made some things clear to me. Here are five things I learnt during lockdown:

1. Homeschool is hard work

When homeschooling was first mentioned I had no idea how difficult teaching my own children actually was. I started so optimistically with timetables for a full school day, printing off Twinkl sheets and imagining the fun we would have learning some new things. Fast forward a few months and we were down to about one hour a day at the very most and a reluctance from all parties involved!

We were incredibly lucky to have had the support of our wonderful school throughout and I will forever be in awe of all teachers for their patience and skill at keeping children engaged for the whole day.. and thank goodness for Five Minute Mum!

2. Food shopping will never be the same

In the old days I would get a couple of food deliveries a week, and pop in to the supermarket on the school run for top-ups. I’d often plan meals on the day depending on what we all fancied eating. These days things couldn’t be more different. Being forced into weekly meal planning by limited delivery slots has been revolutionary for our family. We’ve spent less money, saved time and effort and eaten more healthily than we ever did before. This is one habit I’m determined to stick to no matter what!

3. We are lucky to live in such a great community

I have always loved where we live but lockdown has made me appreciate the wonderful community we have here in Hersham. Not being able to see friends has been very difficult but knowing we are surrounded by a local support network during these difficult times has been so important. From people helping out with food deliveries to the wonderful rainbows we’ve seen through the village, Hersham you have been amazing.

We delivered food to our neighbours and they lent us toys that were sitting idle whilst their grandchildren couldn’t visit. One neighbour, who I have never spoken to before, pretended to be the Easter bunny for our children!  Now that things have opened up again I am determined to support local businesses and stay in touch with my neighbours, and hope you will do the same.

4. Being at home with the kids can be pretty good

I remember messaging with a friend in March about how hard it would be having the kids at home for two weeks. Little did I know how long it would actually be! My capacity to spend extended time with the kids, and enjoy it, has been a very pleasant surprise. The early days were packed with lots of activities and I found myself looking back at ideas for home based activities with the kids.  But as time progressed we have really slowed down and enjoyed just being together. From den building to cake making to long cuddles on the sofa, I hope the kids will remember the times we’ve laughed and smiled as their biggest memories of lockdown.

5. I love my job

Socially distanced photoshoot

Not being able to work was one of the hardest parts of being in lockdown. Capturing family moments gives me huge amounts of joy and I just love the reactions from the families that I photograph. I have always loved working as a Surrey family photographer and I haven’t looked back since I changed careers after I became a mother.

I am delighted to be working again with socially-distanced photoshoots and am fortunate that my style of photography lends itself to this really well – the results are just as incredible as before!

Katie Lister Surrey Photographer

My name is Katie Lister and I’m a Surrey photographer living in Hersham with my husband and two children. If you’d like to have a socially-distanced photoshoot, get in touch or use the form below.