We’ve been thinking a lot about reducing household plastic this month. My daughter Sienna is a member of Hersham Girlguides and this term they’ve been working on a campaign to help make Hersham plastic free. It’s been so inspirational to see how much they want to make a difference and it got me thinking about the changes I’ve been making around the house this year. We’ve still got lots to improve on but the smallest swaps really do make a difference. If we all managed to make a few changes in our day-to-day routines the combined effect has the potential to be vast!

I’ve pledged to stop using wet wipes around the house – how could you pledge to reduce your plastic waste? Read on for some ideas!

Plastic Free Hersham reduce household plastic

Drinks on the go: I never buy takeaway coffee in disposable cups – I work from home and either have a drink at home or inside a cafe so there is no takeaway waste. We’ve also completely stopped buying water in plastic bottles and now have stainless steel drinking bottles for everyone in the family. My husband and I both have Chilly’s bottles and the kids have both a Munchkin Steel 360 and a Kleen Kanteen. While they aren’t the cheapest on the market I do think they will last us for a long time…at least until someone loses one!


At the shops: We now have a huge selection of reusable bags and I have them in multiple places just in case. There’s a stash of Bags for Life in the house, in the boot of the car and I always carry a fold up bag in my handbag. I try to buy loose fresh produce as well to help with reducing household plastic. I am also planning to visit the much recommended local refill shop Born From Necessity in Molesey.

At home: I’ve been using Splosh products for the past two months. They offer a fantastic refill service that cuts plastic waste by about 90% and it gets delivered directly to your door. I absolutely love Method products but have been so impressed by Splosh that I’ve now made the switch. If you’d like to try Splosh out, use the code 2DL0TDNYI for 15% off. Cling film is another product we have been trying to reduce in the house and I must get down to Hersham Village Market where they sell some amazing beeswax wraps!

The kids: We picnic quite a lot with the kids and in the past would have used a lot of single-use sandwich bags. We rarely use these now and instead always use a lunchbox. Kidly have a great selection of children’s reusable lunchboxes if you are looking for some inspiration. Waitrose also sell paper sandwich bags, so if you’re forced to use something disposable, at least it’s recyclable.

I love to decorate the house for the kids’ birthdays and in the past this would have meant a lot of single use banners and decorations. I now have a selection of lovely fabric and paper decorations that I reuse for every birthday in our house. We add a few balloons sometimes, so we aren’t perfect. I’m trying to take little steps in the right direction though.

You can also now hire childrens partyware (cups, plates, tablecloths etc) in both Walton and Hersham. Both of these intiatives are run by local mums, doing their bit (and more!) to help the environment.

reusable party decorations reduce household plastic

At work: Nearly all of the packaging for my photography products is cardboard. Everything I receive from my suppliers I reuse to send on to the families who order photos. It still looks great and I know my clients appreciate my efforts in reducing household plastic waste too.

Katie Lister USB

If you have any tips for reducing plastic that have worked for your family I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or contact me here.

My name is Katie Lister and I’m a family photographer living in Hersham with my two children Sienna and Joey. In my spare time I enjoy singing in our local rock choir and watching Strictly Come Dancing (click that link to read about my trip to the studio last week!).