Taking wonderful photographs of brand new family members is a particular love of mine. Natural newborn photography brings me so much happiness. Being able to capture lasting images of these bundles of joy for families is just so special.

For me, natural newborn photography is all about creating simple and natural looking photos. I do this by visiting you in your home, making it as easy as possible for newborn baby, mum and the rest of the family.

Having a newborn to take care of can be hectic enough, which is why the thought of heading off for a photo shoot can seem too difficult to organise for many families. So instead of lugging that heavy newborn baby bag out of the door, with baby, car seat, muslins, bottles, siblings, toys, changes of clothes and a husband, I come to you! I find that photos taken in the comfort of your own home are far more successful.

At home, the whole family is much more able to relax into their own environment, making those beautiful shots more easy to capture. Mum can take a well-earned rest when she isn’t needed for photographs. Siblings are happier, and we can find locations that work best for the newborn, whether that’s the sofa, bed or feeding chair.

If you’re expecting or have a newborn that you’d like to get some memories of, please do contact me here.

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