It has been a good start to the year for me as I plan how to grow and develop my Surrey family photography business. I know many people are doing the same – developing new business plans and thinking about their brands. If you’re freelance or run your own business, one of things you might be considering is updating your headshots. Sal Remtulla wanted just that as she looks to update her own personal brand. Here she answers a few questions following our recent shoot:

Why did you need some new headshots?

“There were a few reasons! After having my second child I’ve embarked on a freelance marketing career. This year is going to be all about expanding my client base and a key part of that is updating my own personal brand for potential clients to see. My previous LinkedIn photo just looked so unprofessional and dated. It was a cropped picture from my wedding which was only ever meant to be an interim. 5 years later it was still there and just wasn’t setting the right tone for me.”

Sal was right, and we ran both her old headshot, and her new photograph through‘s photo testing tool. This brings a bit of science into the mix, measuring by popular vote how competant, likeable and influencial Sal is perceived to be, based on her headshot.

The results speak for themselves… Sal scored only 3/10 for competance, likeability and influence with her old headshot that she cropped herself from her wedding album. After visiting me for a professional headshot, her personal branding was clearly much improved, and she scored 7s and 8s/10 across all categories.

What style did you want?

“I knew I wanted something friendly and modern. In the past I’ve had corporate photos which always look so stuffy and awkward. I explained this to Katie and she showed me how we could make things look natural – reflecting the real me.”


How was the experience of being photographed?

“It was fantastic, I felt very relaxed even when sitting in some poses that felt odd. Katie assured me it would look great on camera – and she was right! We laughed a lot, especially when using the apple as a prop (Katie’s idea). Katie made me feel really at ease throughout and it wasn’t stuffy in the slightest.”

Are you happy with the results?

“Absolutely! I feel they reflect who I am as I embark on this second stage of my career. I’ve already had compliments on them which has been a great confidence-booster.”

I was delighted to help Sal update her personal brand with a new headshot, and as she says, we had a lot of fun in the process! If you’d like to update your headshot, please do get in touch.

My name is Katie Lister and I’m a Surrey photographer living in Walton-on-Thames with my husband and two children.