Last autumn I introduced you to Issy, an 8-year-old girl who lives in the same town as me, attends the same school as my daughter, and with the same love for life as all of our children. Issy is a little bit different, however.

In June 2018 she suffered a stroke during her dance class, leaving her paralysed from her face to her toes on the right side of her body. Doctors’ condemned her to life in a wheelchair with no use of her right arm, but Issy refused to be limited by this. Through hard work and determination from Issy herself and her family, Issy has defied this prognosis. She has regained movement. She has learnt to talk again, learnt to walk again and shown us all what it means to live life beyond someone else’s defintion of your potential.

Issy has recently returned to school, and most notably returned to the very dance class where her crazy journey began. She has shown us all what it means to fight, to achieve and most importantly to believe.

Before Christmas I asked you, my blog readers, to suggest a charity to receive a monetary donation from my business. I had so many wonderful suggestions and I wish I could have donated to each and every one.

The overwhelming voice was to support Issy’s rehabilitation, which as you can imagine, does not come cheap. Issy’s week includes not just school, but physical rehabilitation including gym sessions, yoga and holistic therapy. If you would also like to support Issy’s rehabilitation too, you can donate here.

I leave you with some images from a very special day when Issy and her friends met Fairy Sarah and Luna-Rose – a real unicorn! Surely this is every little girl’s dream?

A huge shout out to Fairy Sarah from Toadstool Parties for organising Issy’s special day, and also to Unicorn Majestic, Whiteley Village, Quick Brown Fox Video and Truly Scrumptious.