Welcome to my blog. My name is Katie and I’m a photographer in Walton on Thames and mum to Sienna (age 4) and Joey (20 months).

At this time of year, we often run out of inspiration for things to do at home when it’s raining. I don’t know about your children, but if mine are bored, they just ask for more and more snacks, and we reach the point where there is no chance of them eating a decent meal!

I’m always looking for something new and a little bit different to entertain my children inside. Here are a few ideas which you might not have tried before, and please share your ideas with me in the comments below.

1. Ice cube surprise!

Two things my children love playing with are ice cubes and tiny toys.. be it action figures, princess figures, Shopkins or Hatchimals Colleggtibles. So, when I’m tidying up and find a selection of little toys, I pop them in an ice cube tray, add water and freeze. The next time we are at a loose end, I can pull it out of the freezer and we have some exciting entertainment!

They love guessing which toy is in each ice cube, and as this can take quite some time, it really extends the activity. To add a further twist, I pull out the ice cubes at bath time and let them melt the cubes in the warm bath water to reveal the hidden surprises!

2. Wilton food colouring

Where is she going with this? I hear you ask. Another of our favourite activities is to use food colouring to dye water and then experiment with mixing different colour combinations. I get out lots of plastic jugs, boxes and trays, put down some old towels, and let them pour and mix to their heart’s content. When it has all ended up a sludgy brown colour, we start again! Sometimes we add play figures to the mix too, just for variety – on this occassion it was Peppa Pig!

I love the Wilton gel food colouring for this game. I bought these colours over two years ago and we have barely used a quarter of each packet, despite this being a favourite activity in winter time or outside in the summer!

3. Playcolor Solid Paint Sticks

These are nothing short of genius – sticks of paint which act like crayons but have the colour pay-off of poster paints. They will keep your children entertained for ages, without the risk of paint splatters all over your house, the water cup being knocked over and with no brushes to clean.

They look and behave a bit like a lipstick – you twist them up and paint away! My kids love them, and it’s a form of painting that I’m quite happy to let my 20-month old participate in too.

I haven’t ever seen these in the shops, but you can buy from Amazon.