I have my camera to hand almost all of the time, and I love to practise my craft with personal photography projects. I photograph my own children in exactly the same way that I would photograph one of my client families – at play, at home, interacting with each other.

My most recent personal photography project was to photograph my daughter doing a different activity every week for a year. In photography circles, this is called a ‘Project 52’ as there are 52 weeks in a year.

I will admit that I didn’t quite manage to shoot a set of images every week for the whole year. Perhaps you’ll forgive me though when I explain that the year included a large chunk of time tied up with morning sickness, pregnancy and the arrival of my son! However, what I did complete is now a wonderful record of everyday life, charting my daughter from age 2 to 3.

Anyone can take on a personal photography project. You don’t need a digital SLR camera – a smartphone is fine. You can share your images on social media or keep them private, and there are so many ideas to give your project structure:

  • If you don’t want to commit for a whole year, then one photo a day for a month is a shorter commitment
  • Need something even shorter? Try photographing a day in your life
  • You could also try a birthday project – in the week of your child’s birthday, photograph them every day of that week to record what they were like as they reached that milestone

Here are a few of my Project 52 images, documenting everyday life in our family: