Last Spring I collaborated with six lovely ladies from the Surrey Blogger Collective, to update their family spring photography and celebrate the beauty of the blossom season! At the same time, I inadvertantly connected with an awesome group of likeminded women, who are now bringing laughter, fun and reassurance into my life on a daily basis as I follow the highs and lows of their mum-lives on Instagram.

So who are these lovely ladies I hear you ask?

Laura is a doula and an absolute ray of sunshine. Her smile is infectious and whatever she’s had a pint of, I want some too please. She posts about birth, motherhood and family life in a frank and honest way – sharing the highs but also giving perspective on the lows, and reminders to us all to take care of ourselves as best we can. I was really lucky to have a doula present at the birth of my son, which empowered me no end. I’m not planning any more babies, but if one came along, I’d want Laura by my side.

It was such a pleasure to see her for my spring photography shoots and capture her with her little ones in the blossom.

Sarah Parker’s Instagram stories make me laugh every day. I totally connect with her life, her mum-struggles and mum-victories. She is the brains behind the Surrey Blogger Collective but she also runs her own blog – Cold Coffee Style. I don’t drink coffee but I do drink my fair share of cold tea, and it’s very nice to know that I’m not the only one in that position…

For her spring photography session I was inspired to photograph through the newly sprouting leaves on the trees to create this stunning frame to her images.

Spring photographer with influencer Emily BlogMeBeautiful

Emily from Blog me Beautiful is quite possibly wonder woman. I photographed her just before she gave birth to her second little girl, and also again just afterwards. She always looks gorgeous, I have no idea how she does it! If you love gorgeous home interiors then her blog will be a feast for your eyes. She also lets her Weybridge home out as a shoot location and it is just incredible!

Emily’s spring photography sessions were just a couple of weeks apart. For her maternity session I photographed her next to a stunning tree filled with white blossom. Once her little baby girl had arrived my favourite blossom tree in Hersham was in full flower and we made the most of it’s beauty for her second spring photography session!

Sarah from Sarah K Hutts brought along her daughter Betty and her son Thomas for a photo shoot. Thomas had not let her get much sleep the night before and this is a situation that we can ALL relate to! It’s always very easy to strike up a rapport with other parents, and kids give you so much in common to talk about, don’t they? If you’re also a bit sleep deprived, then head on over and follow Sarah for some moral support!

Spring photography with Surrey influencer Sarah K Hutts
Mum and daughter in the blossom trees

Rebecca from The Ordinary Mum brought her husband, her daughter and her beautiful bump along to mark the precious time in their lives before three becomes four! If you are also about to make the leap from one to two children, then head on over and follow her in Instagram and tackle the journey together!

Louise from The Mummy Miller travelled from Cranleigh to meet me for her spring photoshoot, and had to wake her two boys from a nice car nap for our session! Neither of them was really fancying a photo shoot after being woken from their slumber (can’t imagine I would either, would you?!), so I had to pull all my tricks to get them on side. Fortunately I’ve photographed hundreds of children and have encountered almost all eventualities before at some point!

Mum and son in yellow flowers

If you’d like to book your family in for a spring photography session, please get in touch now!