If you haven’t started already, now is the time to be planning and buying Christmas presents for your family and friends. Have you considered a photo shoot gift voucher? Here’s a few ideas from me on who might really appreciate this extra special Christmas gift…

1. The Granny

Your Granny, my Granny, your children’s Granny… any Granny! Whether she has 1 grandchild or 21, she will LOVE having beautiful photographs with her grandchildren. And in years to come the grandchildren can show the photographs to future generations 🙂 Plus, the whole family can club together to buy it!

granny family photography

2. The person who normally takes the photos

Family photographs are your history. They are your story. They are what will prompt your children’s childhood memories when they are older. When one member of the family (often mum) is always taking the photos, they are absent from the images, and that makes me sad (cue violins please). Put the photographer back in the frame with a photography session gift voucher this Christmas… (pause violins, thank you).

mums and children

3. The business owner

A professional headshot can give you and your business credibility and help you attract customers. These before and after comparisons with two of the business owners that I’ve worked with this month speak volumes! If you know a business owner in need of a headshot refresh, then a headshot gift voucher is the perfect present this Christmas.


4. Families with milestone events coming up in 2020

  • A special birthday.
  • An anniversary.
  • Your child starting school.
  • Your child leaving school (sorry, young adult).
  • A new pet (dogs/parrots/goldfish are all welcome on my shoots).
  • The birth of a new baby
  • Surviving another year in this crazy world of adulthood/parenthood/political-economic-environmental uncertainty

You catch my drift. Milestones are amazing and worth celebrating with beautiful photographs. Whether it’s big, small or just an excuse to finally booking the photography session of your dreams – gift a family photography session to your loved ones this Christmas.

5. Me!

Ten points to my husband if he’s reading this, or anyone who tips him off! I am always holding the camera and rarely in front of it, so I’d absolutely love the gift of a family photo shoot with another awesome photographer!

In the meantime, I’d also love to meet you and the person YOU think would love the gift of a photo shoot. Purchase a gift voucher now or get in touch using the form below!