Are you and your kids as hot and bothered as we are? I love the dry weather, but this heat is just too much for me – and my children. Now that we are into our third week of the heatwave, I’ve found a few amazing products which are helping to keep us cool and keep our sanity. I hope they might help you too…

1. A fun paddling pool

We’ve had a standard three-ring paddling pool for a few years (actually we’ve been through several!), and given the amount of time we seem to spend splashing in it, I decided to up my game and get something a bit more exciting! This dinosaur themed paddling pool was really reasonably priced from Amazon. It has a slide, a palm tree which squirts water, a waterfall, and 5 large balls to ‘feed’ the hungry dinosaur. It has been an instant hit with my kids (aged 2 and 4), and their friends, and has bought me precious minutes sitting in a nearby chair, enjoying the occasional splash to keep me cool!

2. Portable air conditioning unit

I invested in this Arlec portable aircon unit last year, during a similar heat wave. Everyone thought it was most frivolous to spend £200 on something that would only help us for a week. But, sure enough, one year on we are now three weeks into using it again, and it saves my sanity every day.  I use it to cool my children’s bedrooms before bedtime, bringing the temperature down from a roasting 28/29 degrees to a much more manageable level. I sleep better knowing that their bedrooms are cooler, and when we need a break from the afternoon heat we can hang out in a bedroom whilst it’s doing it’s work.

3. 0.5 tog sleeping bags

My son recently turned two and is used to a sleeping bag at night time. In this heat, I worry constantly about my children getting too hot, so I bought this 0.5 tog sleeping bag by Snoozebag for him to use on hot nights. It is really lightweight muslin fabric, and importantly was available same-day on Amazon Prime, so I didn’t have to venture out in the heat to get something quickly.

4. Fans, fans, fans

Cheap as chips but oh so helpful! I put portable desk fans on my countertops, dining table, dressers etc. As we move about the house they keep us cool, but they are well out of the way of my toddler being able to touch the buttons!

5. Stainless steel water bottles

I’ve recently switched from plastic water bottles to stainless steel, and on the recommendation from a friend I purchased a Kleen Kanteen bottle for kids. It’s been a huge hit, keeping my kids well hydrated in the hot weather, without the nasty plastic taste in their water.
I hope these suggestions will help to keep you and your family cool in the heat. My name is Katie Lister and I’m mum to Sienna (4) and Joey (2), and a family photographer based in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.