In my time as a Surrey family photographer, I’ve seen a LOT of fantastic children’s clothes. Parents go to great efforts to find stylish outfits for photo shoots that are also comfy and practical. I’ve done all kinds of family shoots from Sunday best dresses and shirts through to everyone being in matching pyjamas. If you’re looking for children’s clothing inspiration for your family photographs, here are some of my favourite brands for both girls and boys.

1. Marks and Spencers

It’s a classic but you can’t fault the beautiful selection of clothes all year round at good old M&S. If you have more than one child, it’s a good place to shop if you want to get matching or coordinating outfits with an age gap. I couldn’t list M&S without mentioning how well their clothes wash – handy if your children attract dirt the way that mine do.

2. Joules

I wouldn’t be a Surrey photographer if I didn’t mention Joules. The bold colours and prints from Joules photograph so well and the kids just love the patterns. Sometimes it can be a struggle to find something that the kids want to wear as well but Joules clothes are always popular with boys and girls (and often mums too!).

 3. Tobias & the Bear

I stumbled across Tobias & the Bear one day when I was scrolling through Instagram and I just loved their funky scandi-inspired clothes. The kids clothes go up to age 5 but if you fancy twinning with your kids in a photo shoot you’ll be pleased to know that they have a couple of matching outfits for grown-ups too!

 4. Next

Next clothes are a staple for my own kids with a great selection of everyday clothes, pyjamas and accessories. I find it really easy to coordinate my son and daughter in complementary outfits, and  Next goes up to age 16 so it’s good for the older kids too. Order online by midnight and your clothes will be delivered to your door the next day – ideal if you’ve left your photo shoot clothing preparation to the last minute.

5. John Lewis

Another classic place to buy good quality children’s clothes. Their own brand lines are great quality but if that isn’t your bag, the other brands sold here are worth checking out too including Polarn O Pyret and Frugi.

6. Hopscotch Boutique

Not strictly clothes but every outfit needs shoes right? This local shoe boutique in Molesey has the best selection of kids shoes in this part of Surrey, all fitted by helpful and knowledgeable staff. They stock my personal favourites too – the New Zealand brand Bobux. Their shoes are both practical and stylish.

7. The supermarkets

Last but not least, I have to give a notable mention to the supermarkets too, especially Sainsburys. The Tu range always has something that catches my eye and I recently dressed my daughter entirely from Sainsbury’s for a photo shoot. As an added bonus I can pick up something for dinner at the same time!

What would you dress your kids in for a family photo shoot? I’d love to hear your favourite brands, especially any local Surrey boutiques or designers!