I’m really looking forward to meeting you and your family for our upcoming photography session at the Surrey poppy fields! Below you will find some useful information on how to prepare and what to expect on the day. If you have any questions, please contact me any time.

Surrey poppy fields

What to expect

Our mini photography session will last 25 minutes.

I will take a variety of photographs – individuals, pairings and family groups. If you’ve got something specific in mind, please do let me know!

I will guide you through the session to help you feel relaxed – most of my images with children are based on fun and games to keep everyone relaxed and capture natural expressions.

The session will revolve entirely around the children, please try to ensure they are well rested and fed.
Worried that your children won’t behave? Please don’t! I am experienced in working with children of all ages and know how to get the best from them.

It is not necessary to coach or bribe your children to smile or look at the camera – I’m looking for natural expressions and will interact directly with your children to get the best from them.

I might ask for your assistance in capturing the attention of younger children, but I may also ask you to step away and let me focus on engaging directly with little ones (or older ones!). Please don’t be offended if I do this and just use it as an opportunity to relax!

For sessions with babies or young children, please bring wet wipes, spare clothes and nappies, and a favourite toy.

Social distancing

Government guildlines currently permit up to 6 people to meet outdoors, as long as social distancing is maintained.

In order to ensure safety for your family and for me, I will keep at least 2 metres away from you at all times. I appreciate this can be tricky with young children – I have fast feet and will do my best to move if they don’t!

This does mean that I’ll greet you with a wave instead of a handshake or a hug or a high-five. It also means I won’t be adjusting your child’s t-shirt or tickling their toes, but we will still have lots of fun.

Please could you bring your own blanket for us to use for seated shots. If you have one with a subtle colours or plain in design, all the better. I will carry some freshly washed spares in case you don’t have one, and ensure that I use them for one family only before washing them.

If anyone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19, please contact me to postpone our photography session. I will do the same.

What to wear

Clothing choices are a very important part of preparing for your photography session. There are a few simple tips that you can follow to help maximise the impact of your finished images, and if you get stuck, feel free to chat to me, or look on my blog for inspiration.

Choose a colour theme

The aim is for your family to look coordinated, but not matching. By choosing 2-3 colours for your family to wear, each family member will look different, but you will avoid looking too ‘busy’ (clashing colours, too many colours), or looking like one colour block (too much of the same colour).

Colours which look beautiful in the Surrey poppy fields are red, cream, blue, and yellow!

Add some interest

Layering your clothing is also a great way to add interest and allow us to change your look between shoots by adding or removing layers.

Please steer clear of large logos, motifs and dominant text which could detract attention from the subject in the final images.

Be comfortable

If you feel good in your clothes, it will help you to relax and have fun during our session.

Your images

Your photographs will be ready to view in an online gallery, approximately 2 weeks after our photo shoot. You may choose 4 images to receive as digital files. The remaining images in your gallery can be purchased as digital files for an additional £99. I also sell framed wall art and will provide examples of these products after your photo shoot.

Your gallery will be live for 1 week to make your selections.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.

See you soon!