Katie Lister | Extended family photo shoot in Walton-on-Thames

Extended family photo shoot in Walton-on-Thames

July 04, 2018  •  3 Comments

Extended family photo shoots are often the result of a little bit of travel, and this one was no exception! The grandparents jetted in from Austraiia and North Wales (ok, the North Wales contingent did not arrive by jet, but I'm sure the train was just as spectacular!), to join their grandchildren for a Surrey family photography session in the beautiful woodland.

mum and did lift sons high on their shoulders

Although I'm British, I lived in Australia for 5 years and am really proud to be able to call myself an Aussie as well as a Brit. I meet so many Australians through my photography, and this year alone I have photographed five families with Australian connections. It gives us plenty to talk about, although there was no shortage of conversation on this photography session...

Extended family photography session in Walton on Thames

The boys were really keen to take me on an adventure to the pond (which we never did find, but that did not seem to matter!) and Grandad was delighted to tell me all about his couch to 5k, and also have me photograph him running so that he could analyse his technique. I get asked to photograph all sorts of things, but this was a new one on me!

boy collects pine cones Dad carries son on shoulders Mum carries toddler grandson and granny on rhododendrons toddler in woodland bokeh

One of the most common things I hear from parents when I first meet them for a family photo shoot is, "my child bumped his/her head yesterday, can you fix the bruises in Photoshop?!" Kids will be kids, and it is always the way that they encounter some sort of temporary facial bump/scar/spot immediately before a photography session. So, when I heard this question at this particular shoot, the answer was, "yes, of course!". I challenge anyone to spot who was injured, where and how!

toddler runs through ferns

My name is Katie Lister, and I am a Surrey family photographer. I'm based in Walton-on-Thames and photograph families in beautiful locations across Surrey and South-West London. If you'd like natural and expressive family photographs, please get in touch.


These are lovely Katie! I really must get more images of my family altogether!
Fantastic photos Katie . Lovely memories for the families
What a special occasion to capture!
I am forever trying to get a session organised with my family, but we never seem to ALL be in the same place at the same time
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