Katie Lister | Photographing siblings can be a challenge!

Photographing siblings can be a challenge!

May 23, 2017

One of my most requested images from parents is a photograph of their children together. Parents typically find this really hard to catpure themselves, because children are much less likely to obey a parental request for a photo than mine. It is also usually the case that the younger the child, the shorter the amount of time I will have to capture the shot!

This weekend I met this fab pair - big sister who is 2 years and 3 months, and her younger brother who is 3 months old.  One to three year olds are the most challenging to photograph with a baby, as they are often too young to sit still for long, and sometimes have little interest in cuddling their new sibling. Safety is also of utmost importance.

For this shot I placed baby on mum and dad's bed, with dad holding my reflector and mum nearby for safety. Big sister was not at all interested in lying down with her brother, so I shifted my focus on to him and let her carry on playing. After taking a few photographs, big sister couldn't help but come over to investigate what was going on - she laid down for a few short seconds. It was brief but just long enough to capture this gorgeous image!

If you'd like me to photograph your children together, get in touch and say hello!