Discovering this perfect location as a Surrey poppy field photographer was one of my 2020 highlights. Let’s face it, this has been a very strange year, so it’s nice to look for some positives.

This beautiful poppy field in Surrey, close to Guildford, was awash with beautiful red poppies during May and early June. With easy parking and a public footpath running through the field, it was the perfect place for my Surrey poppy field photography sessions this year.

When a family books in with me for a photography shoot like this, I help them prepare for the session to get the most out of it. I share where the poppy field is located, and which clothing options look best among the poppies for some great shots.

I’m thrilled to have found another beautiful outdoor spot this year to add to my journey of colour that I take families on each year. It’s not just poppies that create an amazing backdrop for outdoor photoshoots. I also offer daffodil photography, photographs in blossom and lavender field photoshoots.

This rota of outdoor flower shoots run through from April to August, after which the Autumn family photography sessions begin. This is also an incredibly impressive time of the year for outdoor photos, with the vibrant seasonal colours creating fabulous backdrops.

If you are considering a family photoshoot in the poppies for this year, please complete the form below to keep you up to date and give you priority booking access for my next Surrey poppy field sessions.