Having two young children has made me very nostalgic about my own childhood. I’m a child of the 80’s and have fond memories of playing with toys such as Rubik’s Cubes, Care Bears and My Little Ponies. We might not have had iPads but who needed them when we had Etch-a-Sketch, Top Trumps and Operation? My own childhood has influenced the toys that I buy for my children and I love seeing them play with the same things that I did. Here are my top five retro toys that I think your kids will love too:

Fisher-Price phone


This pull-along retro toy is great for younger kids who are learning to walk. Cheerful and virtually indestructible, kids of all ages know how to use this despite never having seen a phone like this before. Ring, ring…it’s for you mummy…

Pound Puppies

I remember a friend being given this for Christmas and us playing it solidly for weeks afterwards. So when I saw that Pound Puppies are available again now my heart skipped a beat! If you’re local to me you an purchase them in Garsons at the moment, or otherwise buy online.



This is an absolute gem from my childhood. I adored my Keyper with it’s secret lockable compartment and unique ‘plastic’ scent! If you want to find one of these now you’ll have to head to eBay or your local car boot, but it might just be worth the effort! Which one did you have?

Tomy Waterfuls


This one is a bit niche but has very fond memories for me. All of my friends had Waterfuls and I LOVED playing with them. It felt wonderful to buy one for my own kids and finally have one in my own house. Definitely a lo-fi toy, it’s a nice antidote to some of the busier toys we have. My three and six year old both love it and want to accumulate the whole collection.. eBay here we come!

Fisher-Price till


Another classic toy from Fisher-Price that both my kids absolutely love. It’s sturdy,  easy to use and the best part is that they role-play together long enough for me to have a cup of tea. Even my six year old adores this!

What toys and games make you feel nostalgic for your own childhood? Can you name any of the toys below? Share in the comments please!

My name is Katie Lister and I’m a Surrey family photographer living in Hersham with my family. If anyone can show me how to complete a Rubik’s Cube, please get in touch.

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