I often get asked to join families for special occasions, which are a great reminder to photograph not necessarily the event itself, but the people involved. It might be a child’s 1st birthday, a parent’s 40th birthday or a grandparent’s 70th birthday! This month, however, I was asked to meet this family to mark their wedding day.

It was an intimate Surrey wedding, and the family specifically wanted a family photographer for a session after the ceremony, rather than a wedding photographer for the event itself. We met in the beautiful private Surrey woodland which I offer as a location to all of my families and were blessed with the most beautiful February sunshine.

After our photography session, I received such a heartwarming email from the family,

“Thank you so much for being our photographer last week. I’m so glad I found you! I thought you should know that we were all so impressed with how professional you were but how friendly and approachable you were. You were able to put us all at ease and that is quite the skill.

We loved that you were very relaxed and chilled with taking the photographs. My mum was amazed at your energy and kept telling me how many tricks you had up your sleeve to get my son to look at the camera!

And then we got the photos! I could look at them all day, you have done such a good job!”

Being invited to join a family for a special occasion is always an honour. I am shortly going to photograph a first birthday party, and today they sent me an invitation in the post! I aim to be not just ‘the photographer’, but also be ‘Katie’, and record your family at this special time with love, enthusiasm and respect.

If you’d like me to join your family to mark a special birthday, anniversary or milestone, then please drop me a line and I’d love to talk it through with you.