My job as your family photographer is so much more than clicking the shutter. It’s more than finding great locations for your photoshoot. It’s more than finding pleasing compositions, and it’s more than taking a beautifully exposed image.

I believe that my job is also to create photographs which convey the emotional connection between each member of your family, which show authentic expression and will make you smile every time you look at them. I also want you to smile when you look at them in 20 years time.

Every family that I meet is different, and every family leaves me with their own unique set of images. But all of my families have a great time as we take our photographs.

I work hard on my photography sessions so that you don’t have to. My bag of tricks can coax a smile out of the grumpiest toddlers, the most self-conscious teenagers, and the most uncomfortable fathers. Sometimes the magic happens naturally, and sometimes it needs a helping hand from someone who has photographed many families over the years.

I met this wonderful family on a cold autumn morning in Greenwich. The sun shone brightly and the children’s laughter warmed our hands as well as our hearts. Together we made these magical images…

If you’d like me to capture your family in a similar way, please drop me a line and we can have a chat.