Finance Training for Photographers

Before I became a photographer, I spent ten years as a chartered accountant. I worked with companies all over the world, large and small, to analyse their businesses and help them become more effective.

My ‘Finance for Photographers’ materials and downloads aim to help professional photographers understand financial topics and therefore run their businesses more effectively. Browse the links below to find out more on the topics which you need help with:

Finance Training for PhotographersCost Control for photographers

How can I control the costs in my photography business?

Finance Training for Photographers is offering a two-part PDF download, designed to help photographers understand, track and control the costs in their business.

Accompanying the PDF document is a downloadable Microsoft Excel template, to track income and expense transactions, and produce monthly summary reports. Part 1 of 'Cost Control for Photographers' covers the following topics over 17 pages:

  • Why you need to control costs
  • How to track your costs
  • The difference between fixed and variable costs
  • How to analyse your costs
  • Practical tips for controlling product cost, equipment costs, marketing spend, and the cost of software, websites and online subscriptions.

Download for FREE now at Cost Control for Photographers - Part 1

Finance Training for PhotographersCost control for photographers

How can I analyse the costs in my photography business?

Controlling your business costs are a key method to maximise your profitabilty, in combination with maximising your revenues. Part 2 of the 'Cost Control for Photographers' series covers:

  • Practical tips for controlling training costs, professional membership fees, travel costs, postage charges, rent, finance costs and tax
  • How to mitigate the risk of unexpected costs
  • How do you 'cost' your own time?
  • Cost considerations when starting a new business
  • How to analyse your gross profit on a job-by-job basis

Included in the materials is a Microsoft Excel timesheet template and three instructional videos.

Get started maxmising the profit of your photography business by downloading Cost Control for Photographers Part 2.

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How can I ask a question about finance or accounting for my photography business?

I love to hear feedback on my materials, and also suggestions of other finance and business topics which professional photographers would find useful. Please feel free to contact me at any time with your feedback or suggestions. You can also find me in my ‘Finance for Photographers’ group on Facebook!

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